Welcome to Tilting Up

Throughout my twenty-something years as a wife, attorney and mom, I rarely looked up.  Head down, feet moving toward some ill-defined future place, where I could finally be still and live some version of an ideal life.   Over the last few years, after a good swift kick in the proverbial head, I’ve started to tilt my eyes up and look around.  And I’ve begun to understand that this is my ideal life and it’s time to live it.  I’m certain that this would not be a revelation to many people; my a-ha moment may be their “yeah, so?” moment.  I’m equally certain that a lot of people haven’t yet had their a-ha moment, or they are in the midst of tilting up their own vision. This site is a place for me, and I hope others, to share thoughts and observations about life and career, family and friends.  Thanks for listening and I’m looking forward to hearing you.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Tilting Up

  1. Hi, Tilting Up woman. I’ve very recently started blogging and for similar reasons you state on your welcome/about pages. Thought I’d tell you that as I was skimming around and seeing what good blogs can be for people, I enjoyed yours. Nice voice, nice variety of topics, nice approach to life. Were this the place to fight it out I’d note that I eschew your hailing to the Victors in favor of “On, Wisconsin!” But this is not for that. Accept a hearty congratulations on compelling writing, as this appears to be a blog worth returning to for me. Keep up the good work!


    • Hi, Many Pointed Things woman! Thanks for your kind words. Blogging is a world I never expected to enter, yet I’m so glad I did. Incidentally, I cheer for any Big 10 team as long as they aren’t playing one or the other of my alma maters. I look forward to checking out your new blog. Happy writing!


      • Can we agree not to cheer for Iowa if I tell you that my heart nearly broke on that fateful night in that not-so-Fabulous spring night in 1993 when Chris Webber called the time out that wasn’t? I was a fan then. I grew up in Iowa as an Iowa STATE fan living 45 minutes from the U of I. Despite many family and friends cheering for the Hawks I secretly cannot bring myself to do it. Same for my husband, so the last 15 years in Wisconsin has relieved much guilt and been a real treat for these sports fans.

        At any rate…write, write away. I’ll keep reading. Cheers!


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