Tiny Nation? Can We Get A Tiny Costco for That?

Tiny houses are now all over the design network channels.  I watch with fascination as people build them and shop for them and live in them.  I love the concept of living tiny. I think I could actually do it as long as we can put a giant storage barn behind the tiny house for all of our stuff.

I also love Costco.  It’s been over three years since we gave up our membership and I still hanker for those Sample Sunday trips.  I miss wheeling warehouse flats down those giant isles and grabbing packs of 12 toothpastes, salsa by the jug and giant plastic-wrapped cubes of toilet paper.  Costco’s smoked salmon was awesome.  And we’d always peruse the books and socks, wander down the auto care and TV aisles for no particular reason and circle around one more time for seconds on the best samples of the day.  And then we would write an enormous check and cram all that stuff in our giant automobile and pile it into in our pantry when we got home.

We finally cut the cord when there was just no more room on our shelves and it occurred to me that our little family of three just wouldn’t get through that gallon of soy sauce in our lifetime.  To this day, I have giant Costco containers of ground pepper and cinnamon.  Maybe I should check the expiration dates ….

IMG_1239I propose that Costco join the tiny nation.  Instead of multi-packs of Newman’s Own salad dressing, sell shrunken-sized bottles for those of us who aspire to live small.  But, you know, you can still let us wander down giant aisles with a wondrous variety of things we didn’t know we needed and give us samples of yummy things.  Just let us buy in a quantity smaller than what could feed the entire church congregation on Easter Sunday.  Please, please, please.  I need that tasty bite of tapenade on a rice cracker.