‘Tis the Hoarding Season

Today, we brought the Christmas decorations down from the attic.  Also, my husband cleaned out the freezer.  And I couldn’t deny my hoarding tendencies any longer.  I don’t generally think of myself as someone who can’t let go of things, it’s just that sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with them, or I have some idea that someday I will do something with them and so they stay in the box/drawer/garage/closet/freezer.

Some of you may remember that last year around this time, I posted a picture on Facebook of a poor angel that had gotten into some trouble while in storage over the summer.  Well, the little guy was still stashed away in the ornament box when I opened it today.


Why, for heaven’s sake (tee, hee), would I have kept him and his tangled mess of hooks?  I must have had a thought that I would glue his head back on so that he could again hang out on our tree, as he had for a couple of decades (maybe more).

I often have these sorts of thoughts.  Someday, for example, I may become a wonderful keeper of memories and start filling in the Christmas Memories Book that I found in the bin of Christmas Stuff That I Keep But Do Not Ever Do Anything With.  My well-meaning and very sweet Aunt Pat gave me that book when Rob and I were first married.  It is meant to hold 20 years of Christmas Memories.  Had I faithfully filled it with little notes and pictures, it would have been complete two years ago.


But it remains in the box of things I don’t do anything with, utterly blank.


There is a fair amount of guilt that hangs out with this dutifully stashed stuff.  As my husband dug out last year’s (ok, true confessions, it could have been from two years ago) turkey and stuffing from the freezer drawer, I explained that it had been perfectly good and worthy of keeping, but we were sick of turkey.  So I froze it.  Because when you freeze things you can save them longer and eat them when it is more convenient.  But I’m not very good about remembering what I stuck in the freezer or, even if I do remember, about pulling out the carefully Zip-locked chicken parts to cook them.  And then I avoid cleaning out the freezer because I feel terrible that perfectly good food has probably gone bad, even in the freezer.

I have a similar problem with clothes and shoes.  Work clothes from my prior life, which I left almost four years ago, still hang dutifully in my closet.  I wear some of the occasionally.  But most of them I didn’t really like even when I was working.  I should have given them to Dress for Success three years ago.  Now they are way out of style, and yet they remain hanging there because you never know when I’ll have to put on ugly clothes and go to an office somewhere.

And then there are the stacks of lawyer magazines (mostly unread), Redbooks, Southern Livings and Coastal Livings sitting on my coffee table.  Someday I might just want to know how to avoid a class action lawsuit or make real fried chicken or put on festive makeup and it will all be right there in front of me . . .



7 thoughts on “‘Tis the Hoarding Season

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  2. So much of this rings true. The headless angel could just flutter on over to our place, and we would assume she has always been here. The freezer food part relieved me, because I know I am not alone. The Christmas Memories book remaining blank for longer than it would have taken to fill it is perrrrrrrfect. Oh, yes. It’s just right. I will share this shameful, similar story. My sister-in-law (who is good about picture taking and keeping, and album making) gave my toddler son a little puffy photo album that says, “Who loves baby?”on the front. She filled it with these great pics she had taken of our son with family at a fam gathering. How sweet! Second child is born five years later and someone gave us the same little book, but without the pics. Most parents would fill this up, and it would be cool x2 because then both of our sons would have one. But not us. Son #2 is almost 9 and the book is not only still empty, but it is empty and still in our house. It gives us a laugh to pull out Ryan’s and say, “Who loves baby? Look!” And then to pull out Zach’s and ask the same question/title, only to show sad faces and say, “Sorry, no one.”

    I really do enjoy your writing.


    • Thanks so much! I must say that Facebook is a blessing and a curse for us less-than-great memory keepers. I’m happy something is keeping track of our pictures and memories, but it’s all locked up in FB land and I know I will never get around to rescuing it 🙂


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