Whoomp, There It Is!

I am a closet introvert.  In work settings, people are always shocked when I tell them that I’m an introvert.  I suppose that this is because I try to be engaging and entertaining and participatory and all that, rather than following my inclination to sit on a stool in the corner and people watch.  In fairness, I enjoy the extrovert game, but it really does steal my energy.

So the thought of launching a blog has been a little scary for me. My introvertedness finds the thought of a blog a bit silly, really.  I mean, who needs to put it all out there like that?  And then my insecurities bubble up and I fear that exposing my soft underbelly will make me a target for . . . something bad.   I do have a more rationale side and it tells me that my cowering self is being a bit, well, over dramatic.  Seriously.  How bad can it be?

Anyway, I have some things I’d like to say, and so I’ve found a place to say them.  Maybe someone will find these things interesting.  Maybe no one will.  But part of being true to myself (and if you can’t be true to yourself, who can you be true to?) includes this blog.  In the words of the 1990’s musical powerhouse Tag Team:  Whoomp, There It Is! I  hope you like it.  And if you don’t, I’ll just have to get over it!


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